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Why Choose versaAPAI? Making AP Accountable
Find out how versaAPAI will increase productivity for your Accounts Payable team.
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AP Streamlined

Many organisations receive voluminous numbers of invoices daily, weekly or monthly.

When invoices are received they are all expected to be in a standard format for speedy processing.

The problem is that this is the ideal world and we all know that things go wrong in the ideal world.

The versaAPAI architecture and framework enables companies to implement the solution for their AP processes - catering for governed management and auditability.

  • Standardise Incoming Invoices via Email or Forms
  • Add Governance and Compliance
  • Process and Reject Invoices Based On Business Rules
  • OCR Scan Invoices
  • Automate ERP Lookups for Rejection or Processing
  • Provide SLA Reports
Get Ahead

By implementing a standardised, governed and auditable solution, not only are invoice processing times greatly improved but the system also provides extended reporting capabilities.

No more lost, wayward, deleted or duplicated invoices in the system, no more human error ... no wasted time trying to sort out AP issues.

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If you have any queries about versaAPAI, please contact us:

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